About our Home

We started blogging about our home on Tumblr right when we bought it about 8 months ago but just switched to WordPress. We’ll still be posting on Tumblr, sharing these posts and shorter, cheekier posts, but if you don’t want to dig through our archive I’ll catch you up:

We live in a one story ranch style home on about 1/8 acre of land. It has 4 bedrooms and 2 baths and an unfinished basement. The walls are all vaguely earth tones that all feel about 3 shades off. The kitchen and dining room have this weird texture on the walls, and our kitchen is 6×4 feet of standing room. Our basement has a grand total of 2 lightbulbs, and gets some water (normal for the area).

There are plenty of high points as well, of course. The master bath has a 2-person jacuzzi tub that we use at least once a week. The backyard has a brick patio and is full of wildlife and our family room has glass sliding doors that overlook it. The water pressure is to die for. We have this darling wood burning cast iron stove.

All told it’s about 1300 sqft (not including the basement). It’s small enough for a couple, but big enough for a family. Small enough to be our starter home if we want it to be, but big enough to hold a few kids if we need it to be. We got it on a short sale, and there is so much room for sweat equity to improve its market value.

The previous owners did a lot of DIY jobs, and unfortunately did a lot of them poorly. Our laminate floors in the family room have a few 1/4 inch gaps. Our blinds in our family room are about 4 inches too narrow. The dishwasher drain hose literally just drained lose into the basement, not even into a sink (like the washing machine does). Oh did I mention that the end of the dishwasher drain hose was literally FOUR INCHES from the electrical box?! They painted the  walls, and there is paint all over the trim. When we’re mad at the house and angry at how something was done–we don’t want to “curse” an actual person, so we’ve collectively nicknamed all the previous owners of our home Dolores (after Dolores Umbridge).

We’ve learned a few things over the last 8 months: a fridge can take 5 hours to clean if it’s dirty enough, hammers should have steel handles, steam mops are magical, and if your house has been vacant for a while when you move in, it will be really really dirty. Mostly we learned that HGTV is all lies.

Since we got married 2 months ago, we’re just now able to work on making this house a home and I can’t wait to share how we do it with you!


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