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#SamSquared2016 The Board Game Themed Wedding

I’m going to begin sharing specifics about our wedding over the upcoming weeks, but I wanted to start with an overview of the whole shindig.

BrideGroom-48 copy.jpg


Sam and I got started dating in 2011. We did long distance for 2.5 years and picked our wedding date in the summer of 2013 as a light at the end of the tunnel kind of thing. We got engaged in September of 2014, and managed to keep the same wedding date that we had picked over a year earlier. We wed just a few days shy of the fifth year anniversary of our meeting on June 18, 2016.



He proposed over the Game of Life, and since we are board game collectors, we carried the proposal theme over and had a “Fun & Games” themed wedding at Silver Hearth Lodge. We wanted a more casual feel at the mostly outdoor venue, so were aiming for a family reunion meets tailgate meets wedding.

We brought the Fun & Games theme in all over: our invitations had board game motifs and a “How to Play” card, our programs had a crossword puzzle on the back and the bridal party was represented by Life people pegs.

Our tables were not numbered, instead they each had a different, playable board game–guests knew which table to sit at because their escort cards had their names stylized like the corresponding board game’s logo.

Our mason jar mugs were custom printed with a Scrabble motif, and our hashtag banner looked like giant Scrabble tiles. We had seven flavors of cupcakes, each with a different board game motif on them.

We had several different yard games, including a giant duct tape Scrabble board that I made in high school. The groomsmen and fathers had scrabble tile cufflinks. We had a bouncy house.

Oh yeah, I hand painted our 50 foot long aisle runner to look like the game path in the Game of Life.



With the more casual feel, we wanted the wedding reception to feel unstructured. We had what we called a “free-flow” reception, without a designated eating time. We pushed most of our traditions to the beginning or the very end of our reception, to allow guests to do as they please in the middle. We communicated all of this in our programs, so guests knew what to expect. We even moved the dance floor halfway through the reception!

We had a partial bar with a few types of beer and a few types of wine and then strawberry daiquiri and piña colada as our signature drinks. We had barbecue as our meal and did our toasts around a bonfire with s’mores (get it? Like toast the couple, but also toast your marshmallow!).


It was about as perfect as I could have planned it! Of course a few things went wrong, but it was an amazing day nonetheless. I can’t wait to share more details with you!

Kathryn Michelle Photography took many of the fantastic photos featured on the blog today!


3 thoughts on “#SamSquared2016 The Board Game Themed Wedding

  1. The amount of detail that went into this is amazing! You shouldve gone on one of those cheesy bride shows like “my wedding is better than yours” or whatever they’re called. You would’ve owned it!


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