Smart Move: Technology in your Move

As Millennials, we’re always looking for the “app for that” and maybe there is an app for moving that I didn’t look for, but I’ll tell you how we used our iPhones to our advantage and other things we did (or wish we did) to make our move better.

Email: We already set up a shared wedding account for wedding planning purposes, and we decided to do the same for our house. All of our accounts such as Internet and electricity are tied to this “home” account, as well as our Home Depot credit card (meaning home purchase receipts are here!). It’s very important to have accounts in each of your names, even if one person will pay them all, as bills are the easiest way to prove your address change for things like your license, buying a car, etc.

Lists: We have quickly discovered that nothing gets done if it’s not on a checklist. But when you’re moving, you’re not going to have access to paper and pen easily. But your phone is almost always handy! iOS has a native Reminders app which I like for only-me checklists but we have had issues with it updating immediately across our devices on shared lists. We use an app called Couple for this. We’ve used Couple since we were long distance for 3 years. It links two phones (across platforms as well!) and has tons of cool features including messaging and check lists! We have several lists including: House To Do, House Shopping (separate from our Groceries list), Home Info (where we’re storing things like what size air filter we need), and Change Addresses (a long list of who all needs to be informed!). Another reason I like Couple over Reminders is it keeps track of who marked off what. My favorite checklist app for only-me is called Listaway, it allows you to make separate lists, tasks and subtasks! So you can have a list for the kitchen, a task to unpack dishes, and subtasks to mark off plates, bowls, and glasses.

Pinterest: While you may already have a board chock full of decoration ideas, I recommend a separate board full of home ownership pins. I have been building mine for years whenever I see a good post about natural cleaning or how to fix things. I find I prefer Pinterest to bookmarking sites as it’s cross platform and cross browser, and its visual so I can quickly skim for a picture and write a little description to help me out.

Calendar: With our shiny new home email, we get a shiny new Google Calendar! Now of course we could share a special Google or iCloud Calendar for just home things, but I’m telling you something about this separate email is just simplifying everything. We put our maintenance appointments (like when Comcast is coming today to finally set up Internet!) and scheduled maintenance (when to change the air filters) on it. We also have a paper calendar for only home purposes so we have a hard copy of something that won’t get ignored in our barrage of notifications.

Duct Tape: I know, it’s not on a screen. But it’s still technology! This is something I did when I moved from VA to IL last year and didn’t repeat for this move and I really wish I had.

I’m a recovering duct taper. I have most of the cool colors and patterns, and for this tip you’ll only need one color for every room that you have. When packing, designate each room in your future home a color. Write that room name on a piece of paper and stick the coordinating colored tape on it. I also made a key with all the rooms and their colors labeled neatly. Then each box you pack, put a piece of tape on it so that it can be seen from the top and the side (wrapping around a corner). For instance, if you’ve assigned your bedroom Red tape, then you would put Red tape on your boxes of clothes. When you get to your new place, hang the pieces of paper up at the entrance to each room, and hang the key up at the entrance where you’ll be unloading the truck. You’ll be able to easily see which boxes go to which room which is half the battle in finding the box that has your power strips in it.

Do you have any tech tips when moving that you’d like to share?


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