About the Sams

Hey there!

I’m Samantha, and my husband’s name is Sam (So we’re both conveniently named Sam Sullivan). Our friends refer to us as “The Sams” and we’re just a couple of 90s kids who just bought a house and planned an amazing wedding.

Our super awesome dog is named Skipper (#SkipperGuy on Instagram) and he’s a Welsh Terrier and will be having his 15th birthday party (complete with quinceañera) this November.

I got the idea of starting a blog when I read a Buzzfeed post “82 Things That Every Couple Thinks When House Hunting For The First Time” and it did not ring true of our 10 month long experience. We started out on Tumblr, but are moving camp here to WordPress.

I’ve also read several articles about Millennials not buying homes, so I wanted to introduce an apparently rare look into what it’s like as a Millennial who is also a homeowner. We closed on our short sale home back in December of 2015!

I’ll be posting what our home buying experience was like, and what our home ownership experience is really like. We’ll be posting our DIY projects and some wedding-related posts as well. Our wedding was board game themed and pretty fantastic, but I guess I’m biased.

Happy (house) hunting and wedding planning! May the odds be ever in your favor!